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Connected Train

Trains generate Gigabytes of data every month. Optitech IoT platform helps automate data extraction from the trains to an online repository and analyze it for predictive maintenance. This helps reduce online failures dramatically, ensuring better rail network throughput and happier passengers.

Optitech IoT is at the forefront of digitizing the rolling stock with its Smart Coach Solution for Railways that helps create digital-twin of the train and subject the data to deep learning algorithms to predict defects in Air Conditioning Systems, brake systems, Wheels and bearings alike.

Smart Coach

Multiple passenger facing services like announcement, display, advertising, information, entertainment, Safety and Surveillance were integrated as applications deployed on the PICCU. Optitech IoT was called upon to digitize the LHB coaches. The task was challenging as the processing systems and equipments fitted on the coach all had legacy frameworks and proprietary protocols. The solution was built over a period of 2 years and has paved the way for digitizing of rolling stock assets in India.

APSSPL, designed a whole new system revolving around the PICCU – a high end integrated coach computing device custom built for Indian Railways on the X86 Platform for Indian Railways by our hardware engineers. The Firmware Stack has been built around a custom build of Linux.

The system was made feasible through the extensive use of Optitech IoT e-fabric technology to integrate multiple applications on a single centrally manageable platform. Updating Applications on the PICCU, media releases, data synchronization, asset monitoring and Notification Management are all managed using the Optitech IoT e-fabric platform

A remarkable reduction in cost and space apart, the system acts as a much needed data concentrator that pulls logged data and faults from all on-board equipment like air conditioning system, brake system, wheel and bearing monitoring system, battery monitoring system etc.

Data captured at the coach level is synchronized to the cloud services of the Smart Asset Monitoring Software system .. SAM not only gives great User Interfaces to visualize the remote assets but churns this data using AI technologies to give predictive maintenance.

Indian Railways finally has a platform that helps them predict when the coaches are likely to go down, improving asset utilization and making passengers a whole lot happier

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