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Event And Video Recorders
For Locomotives

Railway operations require a post facto investigation of operational incidents for safety audit.

Optitech Crew Voice and Video Recording System (CVVRS ) for Locomotives is a high reliability black box recording system based on the Optitech EN50155 Railway Compute Systems.

The RCS1000 is an on-board high-end video and audio processing system/platform with unparallelled audio enhancement and video analytics capabilities, due to its Graphics co-processing Unit. It can record upto 32 channels of IP cameras in its base version and can be upgraded upto 64 channels by upgrading its processor, storage and adding additional POE Switches. Further, it has 4 direct audio inputs for recording the voice of pilot and copilot.

An integrated 4G modem helps monitor connected peripherals, viz, the MPU, cameras and mics at the remote control center ruling out any surprises of failed parts, when you most need the recordings. The system is connected to a cloud server system for remote video download- no hauling of the locomotive to shed or personnel to locomotives is hence required for incident data retrieval, leading to higher availability.

The system has failure and fault fall back modules, whereby storage and communication media work complementary and redundant to each other. A dual SSD/HDD caddy system gives upto 4TB of recording space for upto 90 days of storage. Seamless integration with off the shelf Crash Hardened Memory systems is possible. Its redundant failover system ensures that in an unlikely event of SSD failure, the system switches to recording on the 32GB SD card on FiFO basis. The Optitech CVVRS is capable of hosting other applications to expand its functionality.

Basic Features
  • Fanless and Fully Sealed
  • Best in-Class processo
  • Best in-Class processo
  • Wi-fi enabled
  • Capacitive 7” touch Screen (otionsal)
  • Expandable
  • Inbuilt GPS
  • Highly Rugged design

Crew Voice And Video
Recording System

EN50155 Certified
Ethernet Switches

EN50155 Certified Cameras