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Connected Bus

On-board and on-ground information displays for public transport

Optitech continues to innovate by expanding its technological solutions, providing a flexible solution to the dynamics of urban mobility by offering a complete set of information   to passengers on board/ground of the latest generation. Our Bus Solution harnesses the power of the e-fabric to provide centralized monitoring of all bus display systems, and optionally, VCU data. Ticketing Module can be added to the Main Operating Panel on the fly.

The system Comprises Internal Display Board, Side and Front Display Boards, Amplifier system and an integrated CCTV system for remote monitoring. It is a comprehensive solution for modern smart cities and modern EV buses.

How aging, creaking, crumbling railways is getting a new life.

Bus LED Destination Sign


On-board audiovisual system


Multimedia passenger information system

Rail factory manufactures first smart coach with fire alarm, GPS system

Video surveillance system, CCTV and passenger counting


Infotainment Media Streamers


Edge Analytics based Surveillance Systems


Fault Diagnostic System