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Surveillance System For
Trains And Buses

Optitech-IoT mobile surveillance solutions are created to help rail agencies manage daily operations with ease. Our solutions seamlessly accommodate both single coach and networked solutions for train sets and can be tailored to fit the specific needs of any agency and budget.

Privy Encrypt: All recordings are encrypted, with viewing rights only available to authorised personnel having the requisite key.

Edge Video Analytics: We have optimally trained our analytics engines to provide very lightweight video analytics that can run on the edge. The system performs features such as Facial Detection and Recognition, whitelist and blacklist mapping and Object Detection for transport.

Online Scan: The integrated LTE connectivity ensures that CMS operators can manage and diagnose health CCTV systems of all rolling stock. Law Enforcers can login remotely and view or download incriminating snippets.

Train Set Security: With Optitech’s high Resolution monitors, the rail conductor can watch all on-board and door activity in real time, without ever leaving the driver’s compartment. The views switch automatically to show an event of interest in real time with platform view during halts and operation view during run time.

key Features

  • Ensure Passenger Safety
  • Enhance driver awareness in a fast-paced environment
  • Deter Vandalism & Crime
  • Tamper-proof installation to promote and maintain a safer environment. Integrated Video Analytics.
  • Live Viewing
  • Live look-in to monitor on board activity when needed
  • Increase Roi
  • Recorded footage will protect you against false claims
  • Open Architecture
  • Create a security surveillance system with unlimited integration possibilities

Rugged Network Video Recorders
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NVR For Coaches

Saloon And Side
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NVR For Train