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Optitech E-Fabric

At the core of Optitech Technology is “E-fabric” Remote Device Management Engine. Optitech IoT createsDigital Avatars for real assets, by sensorising them and connecting them to it cloud platforms. Sensing, capturing, parameterising in real time. Sifting the data to form trends at the edge. Correlating. Analysing, on the cloud. Then Learning and updating the sensors to get smarter, Better

The complex demands of the Enterprise System are handled
seamlessly by Optitech-IoT’s E-Fabric

Heartbeat Health

Data Synchronization
& Security

Firmware Update

Threat Monitoring
& Mitigation

Optitech e-Fabric is well differentiated from the generic cloud solutions providing these unique device management solutions at on-premise server infrastructure that security sensitive application would require. Optitech e-fabric allows you to host your services anywhere, anytime.

It’s hard work. And E-Fabric converts it to Smart Work.

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