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  • Anti Vandal Tough Computer

    Optitech IP65
    Touch Panel Computers

    Our HMI’s come with unique features such as 6mm thick toughened front glass, rugged power supplies and ultra bright displays. Two sizes, 10.1” and 18.5” with toughened glass multi-touch screens.

    Think Anti-vandal. Think Industrial. The Optitech-IoT class X86 Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) are high performance HMI’s with an interactive touch Computer based on the X86 architecture and having a . displays for controlling and monitoring all train operations . They are high resolution displays with high brightness be used to display information to train drivers or crew members. They can also be used as CCTV/ PAPIS monitor as well as for any Optitech applications.

    Optitech Display is an Arm based controller with a powerful expandable computing device based on Open Source Technologies that integrates all smart equipments and allows their status viewing through a single interface. Additionally, the inbuilt GSM/GPRS communication and the optitech IoT remote monitoring platform gets extended to the System allowing user friendly remote access to coach data and value added reports. Optitech HMI has been designed for Indian Railway requirements with rugged design and toughened glass screen.

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    Edge Image Analytics
    Compute System

    Optitech Edge Vision is a ruggedized GPU-aided edge computing platform designed for modern machine learning applications such as autonomous driving, facial recognition and machine vision. It supports up to a 120W GPU, delivering 4~6 TFLOPS computing power for inference, as well as Intel® 9th/ 8th-Gen Coffee Lake Core™ 8/ 6-core CPU, offering up to 50% CPU performance enhancement over previous generations.

    The ideal solution for emerging edge computing by combining exceptional CPU and GPU performances. The system comes preloaded with a Linux Operating system for the processing system, delivering a low resource consuming platform for image analytics solutions

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