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Video Analytics and Management

AI Based
Edge Video Analytics

The ability of analytics to detect suspicious behavior, and even individual faces, is improving all the time. Cloud technology drives economies of scale that make such systems accessible to a huge variety of situations from the multimillion footfall of airports and city centers through to smaller locations such as schools, hospitals, housing estates and care homes.

A plethora of solutions are available for video analytics on power and processing hungry server farms with GPUs. Imagine porting all the video footage to the server farms to analyze them. Porting the Extensive Footage from the Edge to the cloud for analysis is a challenge as it saturates network bandwidths, specially when done wirelessly. The data traffic would be overwhelming for the networks at even limited scale implementations.

For Video Analytics to become ubiquitous, they need to run on the Edge. Optitech Iot has partnered with leading research organisations globally to bring unique edge based solutions that benefit the transport industry.

Our Visual IoT platforms process the visuals on the edge using unique proprietary algorithms, compressing Terabytes of Visuals into Kilobytes of parameterised data, permitting relatively low bandwidth wireless networks to leverage our software platform to add Sight to Asset Management, detecting breakdowns before they happen, seeing anomalies before they start.

Using conventional cameras, our analytics solutions are powering Network Video Recorders in unique applications that accomplish on the edge what has been traditionally done on the cloud servers. This cuts down dependence on high bandwidth networks remarkably.

The Optitech Video Analytics solution is available as SDK for customer device integration. It also comes integrated in the Optitech IoT NVRs for transport.

AI-Percept. AI based Video
Enhancement Software

Low lighting, mist, fog. There are a hundred situations where captured video will not match up to what you need for correct perception. At times the images are not sharp enough.

We have been working on image enhancement that helps you filter out fog, rain, low light conditions.

This cutting edge software is being in the Fogvision Solution that finds application in railways and roadways alike. We filter out the fog, mist, and darkness. So that you see Better. Clearer. Sharper.

AI-Percept Solution finds applications in
  • Security & Surveillance
  • Government
  • Military
  • Industrial
  • Transportation
  • Maritime-Subsea

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