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Passenger Information
Systems For Trains

The optitech Passenger Announcement, Display and Information system is a proven and versatile system that helps train managers control on-board display and announcement of journey information to passengers.

Today APSSPL works with indian and international train builders as an expert system solution provider for PA-PIS on all types of trains. The system is a 100% indigenously developed and exceeds customer expectations and is approved by Indian Railways premier research organisation RDSO for use on EMU/MEMU/DEMU trains, Metros and Long distance trains alike. New generation Visual IoT enabled CCTV surveillance software systems have been now integrated into the Optitech PA-PIS systems.


Optitech PA-PIS systems also leverage our e-fabric technology and are configured, updated and managed over the air from the Optitech IoT SAM Enterprise Cloud Software. The solutions on offer are.

  • TCP/IP communication based CCTV and PAPIS for Metro rakes and new generation trains
  • PA-PIS system for Long Distance Trains
  • PA-PIS for EMU / MEMU/DEMU Trains