An A.Paul Software Systems P Ltd. Enterprise

Optitech-IoT, a division of A.paul Software systems Pvt Ltd. was founded in 2003. It was awarded the “MOST INNOVATIVE MSME-2018” and the “MOST TECH-SAVVY MSME-2018” at the SIDBI-Economic Times National Awards for out-performing MSMEs.

APSSPL is fast growing (168% CAGR year or year) promoted by a financially strong business house with interests in Software,E governance, Automation and Railway Engineering Projects. With its R&D and Software Development center at New Delhi spread over 15000 sft and a state of-the-art electronics manufacturing infrastructure of over 40,000sft in Haryana, we are poised to apply our innovative e-fabric platform in a variety of end applications.

APSSPL creates mission critical products using cutting edge electronics and melds them with its cloud platforms to build AI enabled Data Science Intensive IoT applications for the transport sector. Solution developed by the company have hit headlines across the nation for their innovation and being Game Changers.

The Team Advantage


> Create

> Innovate


> Create

> Innovate

Optitech IoT believes in hiring the smartest people and then giving them the freedom to ideate, create and innovate

With Optitech IoT, the team gets a Product Focus. “Product Circles” within the organisation are cross functional teams that co-create a solution end to end- from its inner components to its look and feel to how the customer will interact with it from the optitech IoT cloud platform, giving the team an insight into the future “Multi Billion devices on the net” paradigm.

Proven expertise of the team, excellent progressive management, liberal work policies ,a great work-life balance and an intense focus on creativity and development of cutting edge IoT solutions, make Optitec-IoT a highly desired workplace for the Smart Professionals who have a distaste for the run-of-the-mill IT job work that dominates the IT industry.

If “Creativity at Work” is what you pine for – Optitech IoT is your team.

The Culture of Doing

“ A thought does not become a reality, even if thought a billion times”

A.Paul culture is the culture of youth- Of Doing, Of Creating. Of Energy. Its is the culture of ethics and living a balanced life.

I Am A.Paul

A.Paul Person – THE ACHIEVER
  • I am infinitesimal but I am the source of infinite energy
    I make things happen
  • I believe in creativity, perseverance and in not knowing
    impossibility of a task
  • I believe in relationships based on mutual trust,
    respect and equality
  • I believe in the ethos of A.Paul, an ethos of Honesty, integrity, truthfulness and
    responsible living
  • I look forward to making a difference to the society by contributing my honest
    effort  towards evolving myself
  • I believe that my youthful energy will contribute to the growth of my nation
    and I am willing to contribute with my dedication towards my work
  • I believe a good value system is the
    biggest asset and judge my gains by the values I imbibe
  • I am secular in thought and have immense faith in goodness of life
I Am Team A.Paul
  • I believe in teamwork. Great Energy flows when I share my boundless being
    with those around me.
  • I believe in continuous learning and sharing my knowledge with my
    work mates
  • I believe that achievements are “ours” (team’s) and failures are mine to
    learn from
  • I dedicate all my actions to enabling my team to meet its goals
  • I believe in Team A Paul and I believe that no task is impossible for us