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Linux BSP Customisation

Linux OS has a significant position in the embedded industry due to its open source, multi-variants, multiple vendors, and the update and redistribution ability.

APSSPL offers a comprehensive set of Embedded Linux services from Linux driver development tomiddleware and applications development catering to technology product companies across theworld.

Our range of Embedded Linux Services include porting, Embedded Linux
Drivers and Embedded Linux BSP, middleware, embedded applications
development for Linux variants like Embedded Linux, Yocto Linux, Ubuntu, Debian and Linux driver development on various ARM, PowerPC and x86 platforms for audio, multimedia, storage, connectivity, network, wireless devices for various Linux variants.

With 5+ years of experience in Embedded Linux services, we custom built Embedded Linux Driver Development and Embedded Linux BSP
development services cater to the needs of different industries and domains including Infotainment, Industrial automation, Assistive Technology among others.

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