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OptiPlay- Streaming
Infotainment System

Journeys can be boring. Connectivity on Highways and train routes is poor. But with OptiPlay its one big cinema hall while you are on the move.

Optiplay is a unique MIST architecture. Our Streaming Media Servers custom built on ARM processors with Linux OS and rugged automotive grade devices. Connected to the Optitech-IoT Cloud Services, they use the e-fabric platform, to keep their firmware update by pulling the latest version directly from our servers. The Enterprise grade Media Management module of Optitech-iOT Cloud synchronises latest releases of movies, songs and entertainment content to the Streamers

Passengers remain entertained. Uninterrupted. Through The journey.

OptiPlay Infotainment servers are state of the art streaming machines designed for the tough transport applications for use in buses, railways and any unattended applications.


The study fanless design makes OptiPlay Servers uniquely suitable for transport applications. Proprietary OptiSafe™ shutdown mode, unique surge protection modules and excellent thermal management ensure the servers keep operating silently and tirelessly giving your customers an uninterrupted entertainment experience.

The servers come with a removable HDD caddy that makes upgrading a media release on a vehicle a two minute affair. Alternatively, with wifi and 4G interfaces, OptiPlay servers can be upgraded remotely. The servers can cater to streaming media needs of upto 100 simultaneous users.