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Remote Air Conditioning
Monitoring System

Online Monitoring

RACOMS leverages the Optitech IoT platform to provide online predictive maintenance of Air Conditioning Systems of Indian Trains. The Optitech HVAC controller is now the bulwark of the Air Conditioning control system on Indian Railways.

Optitech Range Of HVAC

Cab Controller

Optitech HVAC controllers have been enhanced with further Fuzzy Logic Algorithms A high performance customDesigned 4G based GSM unit helps these controllers synchronize data with the efabricenabled RACOMS (Railway AC Coach online Monitoring System). More than 300 coaches are already being monitored remotely using RACOMS.

Standard HVAC Controller

Store and Forward 4G-GSM modems with integrated storage and PLC features form an integral part of the system to provide a robust communication medium connecting the HVAC controllers to the RACOMS application suite.