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HVAC Controllers

HVAC Controllers

Optitech range of HVAC Controllers have been designed for highly demanding industrial environments. These rugged controllers meet the high vibration, high duty cycle requirements of railways industry, operating 24X7. They feature extensive hardware and software failover redundancies builtin to ensure a single component failure does not lead to complete system failure.

Optitech HVAC has three variants. Being Software defined, they can be used in a variety of HVAC applications, other than Railway Applications also.

• Saloon Controller: For LHB variant coaches with a single controller controlling both RMPUs synchronously.
• SGAC Controller: For single RMPU’s configurations as prevalent in ICF design AC coaches and Coaches having individual control for HVAC units.
• Cab HVAC Controller: For locomotive and EMU cabs.


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HVAC Controllers


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