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  • Anti Vandal Tough Computer

    Optitech IP65
    Touch Panel Computers

    Our HMI’s come with unique features such as 6mm thick toughened front glass, rugged power supplies and ultra bright displays. Two sizes, 10.1” and 18.5” with toughened glass multi-touch screens.

    Think Anti-vandal. Think Industrial. The Optitech-IoT class X86 Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) are high performance HMI’s with an interactive touch Computer based on the X86 architecture and having a . displays for controlling and monitoring all train operations . They are high resolution displays with high brightness be used to display information to train drivers or crew members. They can also be used as CCTV/ PAPIS monitor as well as for any Optitech applications.

    Optitech Display is an Arm based controller with a powerful expandable computing device based on Open Source Technologies that integrates all smart equipments and allows their status viewing through a single interface. Additionally, the inbuilt GSM/GPRS communication and the optitech IoT remote monitoring platform gets extended to the System allowing user friendly remote access to coach data and value added reports. Optitech HMI has been designed for Indian Railway requirements with rugged design and toughened glass screen.

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  • BUS Driver Unit

    BUS Driver Unit

    • Compact Form Factor suitable for insertion in dashboard Audio unit cavity.
    • Incorporates complete display System management module with over the air programming of display firmware and content.
    • Integrated PA and Amplifier system with Mic-in.
    • IP based announcement from Command and Control Centre.
    • Integrated GPS based announcement.
    • Integrated Vehicle Tracking module.
    • Interfacing to vehicle CAN-bus and diagnostic data piping to control centre.
    • Panic Button Interface for Passenger SOS.
    • Drive SOS on module.
    • Digital and Analog I/O’s for further integrations, viz, ignition status, fuel
    monitoring etc.

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  • Environmental Sensors

    Environmental Sensors

    Our Sensors Division has developed a wide range of sensors that integrate directly with our various IoT platforms using Modbus protocols. The sensors continue to delight customers with unmatched accuracy and reliability.

    Have a custom Sensor requirement?

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  • Fogpass Device

    Fogpass Device

    A single innovation of the Optitech team made a difference to millions of lives. A unique solution to fog related train delays that were common prior to 2016.Fogsafe helps drivers navigate through dense fog using unique GPS navigation algorithms so that they operate your trains safer and faster in near blinding conditions. Thousands of these devices serve you behind the scene giving the product a celebrity status.

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  • Full Color Station Display Boards

    Full Color Station
    Display Boards

    Precisely bin matched LEDs and advanced electronics inside these full color displays make the IP based full color boards an excellent sub-system of Station Information Systems. Coupled with Amplifications and Optitech® PIS software actualise an end to end PIS solution for bus stops and trains stations.

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  • HVAC Controllers

    HVAC Controllers

    Optitech range of HVAC Controllers have been designed for highly demanding industrial environments. These rugged controllers meet the high vibration, high duty cycle requirements of railways industry, operating 24X7. They feature extensive hardware and software failover redundancies builtin to ensure a single component failure does not lead to complete system failure.

    Optitech HVAC has three variants. Being Software defined, they can be used in a variety of HVAC applications, other than Railway Applications also.

    • Saloon Controller: For LHB variant coaches with a single controller controlling both RMPUs synchronously.
    • SGAC Controller: For single RMPU’s configurations as prevalent in ICF design AC coaches and Coaches having individual control for HVAC units.
    • Cab HVAC Controller: For locomotive and EMU cabs.

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  • In-Coach LED Displays

    LED displays for
    On Board Application

    Manufactured using sound engineering practices, these IP54/ IP65 compliant LED displays use high brightness extra long life LED with more than 50,000 burning hours life. They are designed to last the life of the vehicle and come in multicolor, dual color, Amber colors


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  • LCD Ethernet Displays for Passenger Information System

    LCD Ethernet Displays for
    Passenger Information System

    Manufactured using sound engineering practices, these IP54/ IP65 compliant LED displays use high brightness extra long life LED with more than 50,000 burning hours life. They are designed to last the life of the vehicle and come in multicolor, dual color, Amber colors.

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  • LED Boards

    LED Boards

    • High Brightness Monochromatic Amber (591-595) LED Displays.
    • IP66 Compliant with Toughened Glass Sheet Front.
    • JnNURM-II compliant
    • Vibration Rating AIS O12/AIS: 062-10G
    • LED Brightness: >1000mcd with SMD/ Through-Hole Options
    • Over the wire firmware updateable from BDU and SCU
    • Compliances: ISO 7637-2 and ISO 10665
    • Soppy: 18-32V DC (24V Typical) A
    • Front: 16×140 pixels with 13.1(V) x 12.5mm(H) pitch, Size: 1900(I)x270(H)x40(D)mm/ 13.5kg(apx)
    • Side /Rear: 16×96 pixels with 13.1(V)x10(H) mm pitch. Size 1015(L) x 720 (H) x 40(D) mm/ 7.1 kg
    • In Coach Display: 16×128 pixels with 7.5(V)x7.5(H) mm pitch. Size: 900(L) x 144(H) x 40(D) mm/ 3.5kg

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  • LED Lights For Railways And Metro

    LED Lights For
    Railways And Metro

    Highly efficient and designed to sustain the harshest environmental conditions, Optitech LED lights feature on many new generation trains of Indian Railways and Metros. Lights come integrated with DALI interface for direct integration to IoT platforms. Dark corners? Not with Optitech.

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    Edge Image Analytics
    Compute System

    Optitech Edge Vision is a ruggedized GPU-aided edge computing platform designed for modern machine learning applications such as autonomous driving, facial recognition and machine vision. It supports up to a 120W GPU, delivering 4~6 TFLOPS computing power for inference, as well as Intel® 9th/ 8th-Gen Coffee Lake Core™ 8/ 6-core CPU, offering up to 50% CPU performance enhancement over previous generations.

    The ideal solution for emerging edge computing by combining exceptional CPU and GPU performances. The system comes preloaded with a Linux Operating system for the processing system, delivering a low resource consuming platform for image analytics solutions

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  • Single Computer Unit

    Single Computer Unit

    • High Processing Power Computing Unit
    • Achieves all functions of Bus Driver Unit
    • Additionally, Integrates Surveillance System, Ticketing Module, GPS tracking and CAN bus diagnostics

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