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LED Boards

LED Boards

• High Brightness Monochromatic Amber (591-595) LED Displays.
• IP66 Compliant with Toughened Glass Sheet Front.
• JnNURM-II compliant
• Vibration Rating AIS O12/AIS: 062-10G
• LED Brightness: >1000mcd with SMD/ Through-Hole Options
• Over the wire firmware updateable from BDU and SCU
• Compliances: ISO 7637-2 and ISO 10665
• Soppy: 18-32V DC (24V Typical) A
• Front: 16×140 pixels with 13.1(V) x 12.5mm(H) pitch, Size: 1900(I)x270(H)x40(D)mm/ 13.5kg(apx)
• Side /Rear: 16×96 pixels with 13.1(V)x10(H) mm pitch. Size 1015(L) x 720 (H) x 40(D) mm/ 7.1 kg
• In Coach Display: 16×128 pixels with 7.5(V)x7.5(H) mm pitch. Size: 900(L) x 144(H) x 40(D) mm/ 3.5kg

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LED Boards


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